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1 Room, 1 Adult



Tangwick Haa Museum, Eshaness
Discover the story of Northmavine and its people inside this former laird’s house which dates from the late 1600s. 

Shetland Museum, Lerwick
Set on the waterfront within a restored 19th-century dock in Lerwick, this fascinating museum tells the story of Shetland's heritage and culture. 

Old Scatness Broch, Lerwick
Old Scatness in the South Mainland is an Iron Broch and Village although aspects of the site demonstrate that it was occupied for 2 millennia. 

Hoswick Visitor Centre, Sandwick
The Centre includes weaving machinery, local items and an interpretation of the Hoswick Whale case. One of the main focuses is the unique wireless collection, which follows radio, domestic marine and military equipment from the early 1900’s through to the mobile phone innovation of today. 

Unst Boat Haven, Shetland
The Boat Haven's unique collection of wooden boats is effectively displayed on a shingle beach . The historical mural depicting the old 'sixereen' days adds to the atmosphere. Artefacts linked to fishing and sailing add interest. 



Jarlshof, Sumburgh
Delve into more than 4,000 years of human settlement in the same location. Neolithic people first settled this site in Shetland around 2700 BC and it remained in use until the AD 1660s. 

Quendale Watermill, Dunrossness
Beautifully restored 19th-century overshot watermill complete with a visitor centre and café. 

Island of Noss, Lerwick
Noss is a small, previously inhabited island in Shetland, Scotland. It is a sheep farm and has been a national nature reserve since 1955. 

UP-Helly AA Exhibition, Lerwick
The Exhibition contains information on the history of Up Helly Aa with many photographs documenting the event. The Jarl Squad suits for the previous 10 years are on display along with various other suits used by squads participating in the festival. 

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